Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The President visits CNSE

As mentioned yesterday, President Obama visited my work site, the CNSE on the edge of UAlbany's campus.  It disrupted our day, but some lucky souls got to hear his speech.  I was ok with his visit until I saw this picture.  Most of you might not know why I'm pissed, but the four people pictured are inside a goddamned clean room. Protocol dictates that everyone is required to wear a clean room suit, but that would've ruined Obama's photo op so he, and everyone else, got to walk around unencumbered.  What's the big deal you ask?  Well, we're making devices many times smaller than a human hair so imagine all the particles generated by people walking around.  Besides, they had bomb-sniffing dogs go through the clean room as well.  These people are also in the photolithography area which has a lot of chemicals sensitive to light.  Of course they couldn't take pictures with just the yellow lights so they turned on the goddamned white lights.

Crikey.  I know his visit generated some good press for the site and I know the dude pictured, Martin, but still. He effed up my day yesterday and he set a bad precedent by thinking himself above the rules.  He's just the president, not a god so he should be held to the same standards as the rest of us.

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