Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday ramblings

I've realized what is really bringing this country down is selfishness.  People no longer seem to give a crap about anyone else.  Around here, people drive aggressively because they don't really care if they cut you off or if they're tailgating you because they're just that more important than you.

The weather has been fairly uneven this week, but hopefully warm weather is on its way.  I'd like to get back into hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.  My strength training is effective, but it's good to get some cardio in as well.  I also figure it's good for me to socialize to prevent me from going full-on hermit.

I've still been having poor luck on the dating scene, but I hope more socializing will help.  I'm thinking of taking some yoga classes to gain some flexibility and those tend to be full of women in yoga pants.  Mmmm...  I might also sign up pilates to strength my core, but we'll see.  I'm not exactly flush with cash right now and I still need to buy a ticket to visit Oregon in late June and early July.

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