Sunday, May 6, 2012

Track work

I've been on an early schedule this week, so I woke up early again this morning and hit the track for my weekly interval training.  My strength training must be working because I felt pretty good this morning and was able to add another two laps of interval work for a total of ten.  Not too shabby.  I also wasn't as wiped at the end.  I probably could've done another interval lap, but I want to ease into it.  My goal is to do around 3 miles of interval work since that would correspond to a 5k.

My GPS watch tells me I ran 2.63 miles in 25:14 for a pace of 9:35/mile.  I averaged 6.3mph with a maximum of 15.5mph.  My average heart rate was 150bpm with a peak of 176bpm.

I'm pretty happy with those numbers, but I'd like to get the pace down around 9:00/mile which means I need to walk less.  I was able to jog the curves for the first four laps which is an improvement over last week.

Here is a plot of my speed and heart rate as a function of distance:
The discontinuity is from when I stopped to tie my shoe.  One lace always loosens after a couple of laps.

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