Sunday, May 27, 2012

Track work

No rest for the wicked this morning so I hit the track for some interval training before it got too hot.  It was still sunny and toasty, but not overbearingly so.

I felt slow again this morning, like my shoes have lead plates in them.  I added an additional warm up lap and another cool down lap so I did twelve total laps with eight of them interval-style.  My GPS watch said I did 3.15miles in 31:24 for a pace of 10:01/mile which is disappointing, but understandable given I walked the first cool down lap.  I averaged 6.0mph with a top speed of 14.8mph which is better than last time, but I'm capable of nearly 17mph.  My heart rate averaged 150bpm with a maximum of 180bpm.

Even though I'm disappointed in my pace, I'm pleased I was able to get out there and bang out the twelve laps. I should focus more on the process than the results - "Journey before destination."

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