Sunday, December 2, 2012

Feelin' good

I can tell that the Paleo lifestyle is the one for me because I feel much better since I haven't had any intentional wheat since Wednesday night.  The exercise helps, but my head feels much clearer when I'm gluten free.  I put some beer in the slow cooker with my German food, but I think a little gluten isn't going to hurt me.  I also sleep much better when I'm gluten free and that contributes to less grumpiness as well.

I was able to run 4.7 miles this morning without a heel strike.  I tried out my new biking jacket and it worked well.  It's cold and windy out, but I stayed pretty warm.  I need to get some running gloves, but those went on to my Christmas list.  Yeah, I still put a list together for my parents.  So what?  Heh.

I should eat well this week since I browned up ground meat for super nachos.  I saw some rendered duck fat at the grocery store and I like to experiment with different kinds of natural food.  I think it added a nice richness without any overpowering flavor like coconut oil.  I fried up some chicken liver in duck fat this morning for breakfast and it was pretty tasty for sure.

As I mentioned, I've got kielbasa and sauerkraut in the slow cooker and I'll pan fry some shrimp and scallops for lunch today.  Three dishes should be enough to give me some variety this week.  Last week I ate at the cafeteria at work.  The food there is good and I chose wisely, but I still spent about $50.

I finished my Christmas shopping last week and even got myself some stuff.  Heh.  I'm still not disciplined enough to not buy stuff, but it's ok; I'm slowly crawling out of debt.  I've been told I do a good job of getting people stuff and I like to give as much as I like to get.  I think my family will be happy with the gifts.  It was pretty easy to shop for my nephew since he's just a baby and will be more interested in the box than the actual gift.

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