Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Walking Dead: Season 2

While I'm a huge fan of post apocalyptic stories, I'm not a fan of zombies.  However, I still found this season entertaining.  Sarah Wayne Callies is poorly cast for her role and the little kid, Carl, is pretty annoying.  The show could also do with some more eye candy, but it wouldn't be realistic if only the good looking folk survived.

The movie physics are terrible in some of the episodes and it definitely detracts from the zombie killing.  I don't think the producers realize how hard it is to be an accurate shot with a pistol standing let alone from a moving vehicle with zombies all around.

I'll still watch the third season, but I'm not going to bust a nut to do so.

I recommend this season and this show if you like post apocalyptic plots and/or zombies.

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