Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday morning ramblings

I've had too much dairy this week so I've been battlin' some sinus issues which makes it tough to sleep. I could've slept another two hours this morning, but I got up at 7:15 in order to get ready for squash.  I've had some trouble getting up early the past month or so, but feel much better after I've exercised so I'll need to make sure to do something each morning.

I've dug myself into another financial hole, but it's not as deep as previous ones so I should be ok.  Things'll be a little lean until after Australia, but I can't complain.  My financial discipline comes and goes.

I was disappointed this morning I didn't see a chunk reduction, but perhaps it's because of the crap I had Wednesday night.  I need to bail from work to bowling so I've been getting something there, but they don't have any healthy options.  Too many chicken quesadillas.  I should try to pack something I can eat cold in the parking lot since you can't bring in outside food.

The Wahl colon struck again this morning.  I was doing some burpees after squash this morning near the courts and ripped out some oily stank.  I went over to get my stuff right as some people were exiting the court and could hear them complaining about the stink.  Heh.  I guess it smelled bad enough to go beyond the usual farts.  The Wahl colon is nothing, but a stank factory and I've been feeding it garlic, broccoli and duck fat.

No snow today, but the rain should help with the water level come summer time.  Actually, I don't know if water is an issue around here or not.  In Oregon, you have to deal with California trying to jack the water each year and each year, Oregon, Washington and Idaho tell them where to get off.

I'm definitely ready for my Christmas vacation, but there are still two weeks to go.

There is a Crossfit club in the building where I play squash and I always go over to look since there are often hot women in tight pants.  This morning they were having some sort of competition and I started to wonder how much weight I could lift in my current state.  Probably not as much as I think as I need to work on strengthening my connective tissue.

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