Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving visit 2012

This year I decided to surprise my family by flying in to my hometown of Portland, OR.  The night before Thanksgiving, I took a cab from the airport and walked up to my parents' house.  Both cars were there, but the lights were off.  I ran the doorbell a few times, but no one answered.  Normally my folks' dog would go apeshit, but they took him to the doggie hotel earlier that day.  I called their home line from the porch and the conversation went something like the following:

My dad [sleepily] - Hello?
Me - Dad, I'm in big trouble.
My dad - Wuh what?
Me - I really need your help.
My dad - Wuh what's going on?
Me - I'm on your front porch and no one is answering.
My dad - Are you...are you joking?
Me - No, come downstairs and open the front door.

He comes down about 30 seconds later and realizes I'm actually there.  The surprise went pretty well and was definitely worth the $30 cab fare.

I had a great time hanging out with my family, especially my nephew.  He's now crawling and is pretty active.  He likes to bang on stuff and babbles a lot.  He's a baby so he does fuss now and then, but nothing that would piss you off.

My brother and I went to see Portland square off against Minnesota at the Rose Garden the night after Thanksgiving.  I got us good seats and the game was entertaining.  I haven't been to any sporting event more exciting than a home Blazers game.  Even when they suck, the crowd is great.

I ate a lot of tasty food, but a lot of crap as well, but it's a holiday so it's all good.  It actually didn't rain for two days as well which is always appreciated.

Out of order picture vomit can be found here.

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