Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fitness update

Well, well, well. This week I was able to reverse the upward trend a bit. I got my weight to drop by almost 1.5 lbs and my body fat to drop by nearly a whole percentage point. I don't think my scale is that accurate when it comes to body fat, but I think the direction is correct. I would certainly like to get back to where I was last fall and I think it can happen if I bike three or four times a week and continue to bounce on the trampoline and do my strength work. The weather is improving so it would be nice to get back into ultimate frisbee as well.

Some people ask why I make these updates with graphs and pictures and I say that they provide a lot of positive reinforcement. I can see the difference. I can look at the graph and see that the holidays are not great for my fitness. Sure, it's tough to believe these week-t0-week differences, but I think any real trends will be borne out over time.

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