Monday, February 23, 2009

Officially unemployed

Well, the rumors over the weekend were true and today I was notified that I am out of a job. I didn't get squat for severance except for back vacation pay (something like three days) and salary for today since it's my last day. Heh. I'm not happy with how work handled all the tough situations this year, but it doesn't really matter now.

I have been looking for a job for more than a month now and had an interview a couple of weeks ago, but now I need to intensify my job search. I have enough cash to last four months with nothing more coming in and at my present burn rate. My rent is my biggest expense and I can certainly reduce it, but if I need to leave the state for work I don't want to have to move more than once. I don't really want to leave the Bay Area, but I gots to eat. I qualify for unemployment insurance so that can give me another one or two months which is good. I'm pretty sure I can find a job within four months, but you never know. This economy is pretty bad and most companies are laying folks off rather than hiring. Hopefully the government can stimulate the economy. Hell, they should bail me out since I'm out of work due to the banking industry's incompetence.

My main goal now is to stay positive while I look for work. I also need to think about what kind of work I'd like to do and what happens if I move into another field for a couple of years. How easily can I move back? Is that something I should think about or just take what comes? Tough questions will need to be answered.

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