Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

I really enjoyed Butcher's first Dresden book so I thought I would check out his other series.  Holy moly.  This book is awesome.  I plowed through it on my Kindle since I borrowed it from the library and I wasn't sure for how long my loan was and I didn't want to miss out a chance to finish it.

He has created a unique world with a very interesting kind of magic.  It is more sword-and-sorcery fantasy than his Dresden book, but not in the same hokey vein as Tolkien.  His magic definitely passes Sanderson's First Law and is well explained without the pedantic lecturing of Feist.

The book is well paced with plenty of action and intrigue.  The characters are well-written though some could use a bit more depth.  A minor quibbling for sure.

I highly recommend this book and I already grabbed the second one from the library.

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