Friday, October 19, 2012

The San Francisco 49ers are awesome.

After last night's thrilling game, I'm not sure why anyone would root for any team other than the San Francisco 49ers.  Their former number one pick, Alex Smith, was a worthy selection over Aaron Rodgers and SF definitely made the correct call in retaining Smith over signing free agent Peyton Manning.  Rodgers and Manning may have won Super Bowls, but Smith holds the SF single season record of fewest interceptions in a season with five.  He also has some awesome career marks of a 58% completion percentage and a 76.4 quarterback rating.  For folks who don't follow football, those numbers are outstanding and most definitely cannot be duplicated by any journeyman quarterback who would play for half the money.

Smith is also clearly the engine driving SF rather than Frank Gore whose punishing inside running pales in comparison to Smith's caretaking.

And that defense?  Wow.  Their strategy of letting the Seattle receivers get open and then willing them to drop easily catchable balls including one which would have been a touchdown?  Sheer genius.

Given the result of last night's matchup, I'm going to burn all my Seattle gear and root for SF for the rest of this season and beyond.  I'm going to the Seattle-SF game in December, but I'll root for the SF instead so they are clearly the superior team.

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