Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4 weekend

My goal this year was to be away from Albany for every holiday I get off.  I spent a night over Memorial Day weekend in Beacon.  I had hoped to go up to Canada for this weekend, but it didn't work out so I went down to Ithaca instead.  I played pickup frisbee and realized how much further I need to go to get into shape.  That night, I went with my friend to a barbecue hosted by some of her friends.  The food was good and the host had some fireworks.

The next morning, we went out to breakfast and she told me about the badass martial arts classes she's taking.  She even showed me how to arm bar someone to establish distance.  I like the "science" of fitness about as much as anything.

I drove back Sunday morning and ran into some pretty heavy rain near Oneonta.  I did some chores around the house and read quite a bit.

This morning, I did my exercises and got my ass out into the yard.  I finished mowing the front yard and mowed as much of the back yard as I could before the charge ran out.  I then got out my ladder to clean off my gutters.  It turns out the guards are the perforated kind rather than the ones with slits, so they were easy to brush clean.  I got up on the roof over the hot tub to brush off some leaves.  I was going to go over to the other side, but my shoes were wet and I chickened out.  Heh.  I'm getting my yard into better shape for sure though it still needs a lot of work.

My July 4 dinner was baked beans, salad, grilled squash, a grilled chicken sandwich and a Mexican Coke (made with real sugar):
I feel pretty good because I was productive.  I've got to keep it up this week so I can catch up on my chores.

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