Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eggs frijoles and Thai shrimp soup

Today I made two more recipes from my South Beach Supercharged book.  Breakfast was eggs frijoles which mixes scrambled eggs with beans, garlic and onions.  You cook it up and serve it in a warm tortilla with salsa.  I was rockin' my biblical tortilla so you know I was keeping the carbs in check.  It turned out well though the garlic and beans gave me gas later on.  Just doing my part to stay warm without burning fossil fuels.  I would definitely make this recipe again since it is easy and healthy.

After a fruitless trip to Indian Ladder Farms looking for honeycrisp I made Thai shrimp soup for lunch.  The main ingredients are shrimp, coconut milk and chicken broth.  You also add jalapeno pepper, tomatoes, fish sauce and chili-garlic sauce.  It turned out well, but wasn't as filling as I would've liked.  I would probably make this dish again.

Two more recipes brings me up to 66 for my challenge.

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