Thursday, September 9, 2010

Health update: claustrophobia edition

I got an MRI of my right knee tonight and I have to say it was a fairly unpleasant experience.  The MRI is not quite like a coffin, but it is enclosed and imposing.  It's loud and you're supposed to stay absolutely still for fifteen minutes.  Those who know me know I have trouble staying still for fifteen seconds let alone fifteen minutes.  I thought my legs were going to spasm towards the end, but what must be endured can be endured.  The tech wouldn't show me the pictures, but a radiologist will check them in the next couple of days and I have a follow up appointment scheduled for a week from Monday.  I hope I don't need surgery.

My left knee is bothering me as well, but I'm hoping it's just because I'm compensating for the week right knee.  I'm not sure I can make it through another MRI for my left knee so I'll keep my fingers crossed that any damage can heal on its own.

Today marked the third full day of Phase I of the South Beach Diet.  I haven't any appreciable sugar since I started.  I don't really crave sugar, but I have been pretty hungry.  I guess I am a little hungry for sugar, but those cravings will go away in another day or so.  I'll weigh myself on Saturday to see what progress I've made.

I also started taking chlorella tonight.  I'll see how much that stuff helps regulate my body.  It's supposed to help digestion.  I'm a poop camel which means I only crap every two or three days.  When I do crap, it's quite an ordeal so I'd rather get on a daily schedule.  One dude at work is always in the stall backing one out, but I guess he has IBS or drinks a lot of coffee.

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