Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fitness update

My knees still aren't right so I wasn't able to do much exercise other than crunches and pullups.  They feel tight inside which I hope is a sign of healing rather than a sign of degeneration.  Crikey.

I've kept to the South Beach Phase I diet and have given up sugar nearly completely.  It's resulted in three pounds of weight loss, but my scale is telling me all that weight was muscle.  I gave myself the once over in the mirror along with the jiggle test and I'm not sure I believe my scale.  It uses the conduction method to determine body composition and that method really depends on the humidity.  It's cold and dry today so I'm hoping the weather is to blame.  Otherwise, I've been sacrificing for nothing.

I'm going grocery shopping today and I'm going to make sure to get a lot more food since I'm tired of being hungry.

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