Saturday, September 11, 2010

West African chicken

I hadn't made a new recipe in a while so I poked around online to find some South Beach Phase I-compatible recipes.  I found an interesting one for West African chicken.  I gave it a shot and it turned out well though I forgot to put the green onion on top.  It has a fairly strong peanut butter taste and with the peanut butter and chile powder, tastes a lot like this other peanut butter chicken recipe I have.

It would've tasted great with some wild rice or quinoa, but Phase I doesn't allow those so I used a whole mess of peas.

The recipe says it'll make 4-6 servings, but shown above is half of what the recipe made.  I guess I'm a fat ass for eating a double serving, but I've been hungry lately partly due to the new diet and partly because it's starting to get cold.

This recipe is the 56th towards my challenge.

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