Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fitness update

I'm not sure why, but it seems like the last three weeks were an aberration rather than their own trend.  Crikey.  I really need to get my fat ass in shape and to reverse my fattening.  I've just about undone the hard work over the past couple of years ago and that's not cool.

I've mostly kept up with my morning exercises this week and polished off my crunches challenge.  I'm still not doing enough cardio though.  Crap, I could just write this post using auto-text since I say the same thing every week: Boo hoo hoo.  I'm getting chunky.  I better exercise more.  Heh.

My knees are feeling better, but the weather is turning so my outdoor activities are dwindling.  Once it snows, I can try out snowshoeing since I haven't done that before.  I'll start up P90X at the beginning of next year, but I was hoping to have a better base by then.

I think I am getting stronger, but I'm just building muscle under the fat.  I could always eat better, but work has been stressful and I usually lack the discipline to stay away from crap under those circumstances.  I've been hungrier as the weather has changed since I think my body is telling me to store up some fat from winter.  Heh.  Way ahead of you, buddy.

I was going to make a grocery list now, but it's not good to make those when you're hungry.  I'll make sure to hit up the grocery store after a meal rather than before to cut down on the crap I get.

I wonder what I should slow cook tomorrow.

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