Monday, April 26, 2010

Bullying at work

There are a lot of Japanese people at work in our alliance and some of them have an old school view of managing and discipline. One company has a very experienced and well-respected manager and a fresh-out-of-school knucklehead. The manager is always yelling at the knucklehead, but today he went a little too far. The knucklehead fell asleep in a meeting. After the meeting, the manager rushes up to the knucklehead, yanks him roughly by the hair and gives him a slap on the shoulder. He then starts talking brusquely in Japanese. There weren't too many people left in the room, but I caught it all and was too shocked to do anything. The knucklehead looked like he was going to cry, but he took it stoically and then took another nap during the next meeting.

I feel sorry for the knucklehead because he's too young to know anything and most people in the alliance are pretty experienced. The knucklehead is pretty weird, even for a Japanese dude, and cooks rice at work.

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