Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Marauders by Charlton Ogburn, Jr

One of the tasks in my challenge is to read ten books on World War II. From movies, I know more about the war in Europe than in the Pacific so I'm trying to find good books about what went on in Asia. I hit up the library a long while ago and found The Marauders by Charlton Ogburn, Jr which is about a provisional American unit assigned to prevent the Japanese from taking India through Burma.

The book is only three hundred pages long, but it took me three months to finish it because it wasn't that engaging. The author was part of the unit as a radio officer and describes what he experienced pretty well, but had trouble connecting up parts that he did not actually witness. A lot of the accounts are pretty jumbled.

However, I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't even know the US fought in Burma so I did learn something new. Burma is pretty rugged so they had to hike through the jungle using mules and horses as pack animals. I got to thinking what would happen today. Would we still use ground forces or would we send in a few gunships to strafe the Japanese?

I think I'll do more research on books to find from the library. I just grabbed this one because it had an interesting title.

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