Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Today was a good day."

Well, yesterday was for sure.  We'll see about today.

I woke up in a pretty good mood which got even better since I set a new record low for body fat since I've been keeping track.  Sweet.  I then played some computer games, got cleaned up and hit the grocery store.  I was able to find a spray mister and everything on my list.  I wore my 5 Fingers over there.  They're comfortable and work well.

You can see from this picture that my neighbors are in the Easter spirit.  I'm not sure why everyone in the Albany area is down with inflatable seasonal items, but they're pretty common. 

After lunch, I did a half-ass job of raking leaves in my yard and drove the short distance to Hewitt's to get some plants.  My original plan was just to get a raspberry bush and maybe one pear tree.  Well...stuff was on sale and it was a nice day so I got a Belle of Georgia peach tree,
an apricot tree,
a Santa Rosa plum tree,
a raspberry bush,
a Kiefer pear tree,
a Bartlett pear tree
and a Gala apple tree.
The apricot, plum and peach trees should be self-pollinating, but it was recommended I get another variety of each for bigger and better fruit.  Heh.  I don't have enough room and I wanted a variety of stuff in my yard.  I might've put the Kiefer pear too close to my sewer hookup, but I think it should be ok.  I had to guesstimate where my property line is, but I'm not going to sweat it.

I watched Butler take on MSU and was happy to see Butler advance.  The game was pretty scrappy, but that style was expected for a high-stakes college basketball game.  The players have the heart, but not quite the talent.  NBA players are more polished, but more professional so they don't quite get into it as much.

While watching Butler-MSU, I made some pretty tasty meatloaf using ground bison and ground turkey.  I added some Bhig Bear hot sauce, but it didn't make it too spicy.  I really need to get some Dave's Insanity Sauce because that stuff definitely leaves an impression.  I know you can order it online, but I might just wait until I hit up a town with a Wegman's since they definitely carry it because they're the most awesome grocery store ever.  Damn their no-compete clause with Price Chopper.

I watched the first half of Duke-West Virginia, but then switched over to see the Blazers jack up Sacramento in Sac-Town.  The Blazers were pretty listless and the bench played poorly as a whole.  I blame Bayless because he isn't really getting it done.  He's not a great shooter and doesn't seem to make his teammates better.  I'm not sure why they drafted him since he's a short combo guard at best.  That style works for Monta' Ellis, but he can actually shoot.  Anyhow, the starters got it done and the Blazers got the W so it's all good.

You can see from the picture, I have to watch the Blazers play online on's League Pass Broadband because I don't have cable. It works pretty well, but I'd rather watch it on a bigger screen in high definition.

I planted six trees yesterday so I'm 60% through my tree planting item in my challenge.  I guess I could count the raspberry plant as a "tree" for this challenge, but why?  I can definitely get some evergreens to fill out my front and side yard to provide more privacy during the winter.

For some reason, Blogger changed how pictures are uploaded and it's made it trickier to get stuff to look nice.  I'm tempted to move my blog to another host, but moving it sounds like too much work so I'll stay here for now.  I think Google needs to work on their Ajax programming for sure.


Zorana said...

Nice yard! Its quite big, so you'll have a lot of raking to do. Are you planting any veggies? You sure have plenty of room for some tomatoes, peppers, spices, etc.

Jeremy said...

I don't rake much nor do I mow much because I don't really care what the lawn looks like. I have 0.74 acres, but a good portion is covered by woods or my house.

I plan on planting an herb garden as soon as I know it'll be consistently above 40F at night.