Friday, April 2, 2010

"I can't be fixed..."

Today was better.  I'm still cheesed off by my colleagues' behavior and general unreasonableness, but it was too nice of a day to be pissed off.  I even went out for lunch with a couple of folks from work.  We hit up Creo' which is an upscale restaurant not too far from work.  I've never been there before so it counts as a new restaurant for my challenge.  I had a chicken sandwich with some fries and the sandwich was really good.  I'd definitely go back there again.

I managed to avoid going to a single real meeting today which is pretty tough to do.  Fortunately a couple were canceled.  I'm not sure I would've gone to them anyhow.

It's going to be even nicer tomorrow so I need to think of stuff to get and keep me outside.  I need to rake some leaves, but perhaps I'll hit up the nursery to get a pear tree, a blueberry plant and maybe a raspberry bush.  I know I should be saving money for my roof, but I found out today I should be getting around a grand for submitting a patent a couple of weeks ago.  A hundred dollars' worth of plants isn't going to make a big difference.  I'll ask them about ordering up winterberry holly as well so I can try to shrink the pond in my front yard.

I think I'll dig a spot for my herb garden as well.  I'm not quite ready to plant because it hasn't been above 40F for every night the past couple of weeks.  I can wait a little bit longer and still be alright.

This warm weather has got me thinking about motorcycles.  I have an item on my challenge list to take a motorcycle riding program.  I wonder how much it'd be for a used bike.  I know they aren't the safest things in the world, but you need to own your fear; you can't let it own you.  I'm a pretty careful dude and I wouldn't get a crotch-rocket.

The Blazers got jacked by Denver last night.  Weak sauce for sure, but Portland clinched a playoff spot earlier this week.  I'm hoping I can find a place to watch the games.

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