Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trouble with sinuses

I've got to get my sinuses cleaned out. The weather was great this weekend, but I wasn't able to enjoy it much yesterday and today because I had a crazy sinus headache. It happens when the weather changes rapidly because my sinuses seem to act like a barometer. I slept in quite a bit this morning and then took a three hour nap this afternoon. I was going to hit up this IBL game in Albany, but I'm too lightheaded to drive or do anything which requires concentration.

Super weak. I've got an appointment coming up with my allergist later this month. I'll have him check for polyps and then see about scheduling a time to get them surgically removed. I've suffered long enough. If my insurance company won't cover the surgery (they prefer you to go on antibiotics even though they aren't as effective), I'll find a way to pay for it myself. It's starting to impact my quality of life and that's not cool.

At least the Blazers beat the Lakers in LA.

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