Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fitness update

Ah ha.  I'm really starting to make some progress.  I've been jumping rope and bouncing on the trampoline every day.  I have been doing my strength training and have added in chin-ups and pull-ups.  I also go for a 30 minute walk around the SUNY campus after lunch during the work week.  I've been trying to eat better, but I'll admit that I can do better yet.
However, while I gained 1.6 lbs since last week, I've also decreased my body fat percentage by 0.8 percentage points which corresponds to one pound of fat loss.  Over the past two weeks I've lost nearly three pounds of fat.  Super sweet.
Here is a blurry beefcake photo for my female readers:
You can still see my gut spilling over the side, but I'm getting nice muscle definition in the arms and shoulders.  The last place I'll lose fat will be from around the gut.  I need to add in more aerobic activity to take care of that.

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