Friday, July 3, 2009

My first landscaping alteration

I hit up Hewitt's this morning since it is close to UPS and Home Depot. I looked for pear trees, bamboo and an evergreen. Unfortunately, they only had one pear tree and you need more than one for cross-pollination. The dude there said bamboo is incredibly invasive and would take over my yard right quick. That just left the evergreen. I have a blue spruce in the yard so I got a Canadian hemlock to fill in an empty corner. The ground is pretty rocky for some reason, but I was told not to completely bury the root ball so it's all good.

Here is a picture of my new tree:

Yeah, it looks like it belongs in a Charlie Brown Christmas special, but it'll perk up soon enough.

Here is a shot from further back to show where it is in the yard:

I also got some Shot-gun Repelsall. It is an organic solution made up of dried blood, rotten eggs and a touch of garlic. You spray it on plants and it'll keep animals away. It stinks, but hopefully that means it's effective.

At Home Depot, I got a Fiskar lopper. Holy moly, it works well. I can cut through 2" tree branches without any trouble thanks to the gearing. I did some pruning of the blue spruce to maintain a path to the front door.

There is another Hewitt's within a mile of my crib so I'll go there tomorrow or on Sunday to look for pear trees.

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