Sunday, July 5, 2009

More fun in the yard

I hit up Hewitt's again to get a Japanese maple and two blueberry plants. I heard you need two different blueberry varieties so that they cross-pollinate and produce big ass berries.

Here is the Japanese maple in the backyard. It's going to be part of my Japanese rock garden.

I put the two blueberry plants in the front yard to eat up some space and because the yard gets a lot of sun.

Here is the Earli blueberry:
Here is the blueray blueberry:
It already has some huge berries on it, but they aren't ripe. Hopefully the rabbits will stay away. I sprayed Repels-all nearby, but not on the plants.

Planting stuff is pretty addicting, but I better hold off for now until I save up some more scratch. I'd like to get two pear trees for the backyard (along the same fence as the apple trees) and a couple of raspberry or blackberry plants for the front. There may be room for another three or four depending on much sun they really need. I guess it depends on how big I want the fruit to get.

As I'm typing this entry, I see a rabbit in the front munchin' on some grass near one of the blueberry plants. Hopefully he'll just eat the grass. I don't want to have to throw down on him.


Anonymous said...

I like the Japanese maple. It's pretty awesome you got a rabbit in your yard, although less so if they start eating things they shouldn't I guess!!

Jeremy said...

Japanese maples are pretty cool. They grow slowly though and I could only afford a small one. That's alright.

The rabbits mostly stay on the edge of the woods and eat grass. They haven't even touched the blueberry bushes.

I might test out their resolve by planting a vegetable garden next spring.