Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's good to be an engineer.

Last week my pre-paid T-Mobile phone showed up at my house and I tried to get it set up.  You have to insert the SIM card into the phone which sounds simple enough.  There should be a stop so you can't push the card in too far, but it broke and the card went in deeply enough that I couldn't get it out.  Of course, the card is perfectly smooth so there wasn't anything to grab on to. 

I hit the mall after work, but the T-Mobile guys there didn't have any tools.  I wandered the mall looking for a place that sold a jeweler's screwdriver and finally settled on Best Buy.  They suck, but they had a 36 pc Skil set with a lot of small screwdrivers.  I went back to the T-Mobile desk to take the phone apart.  I wanted them to watch so that I didn't fuck up.  I got the back of the phone off and the SIM card out and reassembled everything so it's ok now.  I'm not really happy with the design of this Samsung phone and it feels pretty flimsy too.

I thought pre-paid was for chumps, but I don't use the phone much and $0.10/minute is pretty good. 

After getting home, I picked and ate some more blueberries.  They were pretty tasty and as big around as a nickel.  Sweet.  I should've taken a picture, but it was raining.  Of course, I got bit on my foot after being outside for a minute.  The front of my yard doesn't drain so there is a big ass puddle.  I'm sure I'm breeding mosquitoes in there.

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