Saturday, July 4, 2009

More landscaping

I drove over to the Delmar Hewitt's this morning to get more plants. This one is about half a mile from my house so it's convenient. I poked around a bit and ended up getting three trees: a red bud forest pansy, a red delicious apple tree and an Arkansas black apple tree.

Here is the red bud forest pansy:

You can see that the tree is gettin' its gangsta lean on. Awwww sheeeee-it. The tree is crooked in the root-ball and I couldn't get it straight. It doesn't matter much to me and the tree will grow wherever the sun is anyhow.

Here is the tree next to the Charlie Brown hemlock and the beefcake spruce:

Here is the red delicious tree with three or four small apples already:

Here is the Arkansas black apple tree:

I've never heard of this variety. The tag says:
Medium to large, purplish-red fruit matures to nearly black. Crisp, juicy yellow flesh has a spicy aroma. Good fresh or cooked.
That sounds pretty cool. Hopefully I'll live here long enough to try one.

Here is a picture of both trees. They're about 13 feet apart which may be a little close, but I can prune them so they don't fight each other.

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