Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cutting the cord with Google

I'm not happy with Google's response to the NSA spying allegations.  The current CEO is also not in favor of open standards.  I don't care for Google knowing every intimate detail of my life so I'm going to cut the cord as much as I can.

Step 1: Stop using Gmail
This step will be tough, but my website hoster gives me an e-mail account so I'm going to start using it for my personal communication.  I can use Thunderbird which isn't as cool as Gmail, but at least it's relatively safe from prying eyes.

I have a Tor mail account as well so the FBI/NSA probably thinks I'm a child molesting pervert dealing illicit drugs and black market guns.  For the record, I'm none of those.

Step 2: Stop using Chrome
This step is the easiest as Firefox is more than an adequate replacement.

Step 3: Don't upgrade to another Android smartphone
I'm due for an upgrade so I'll get a Blackberry Q10 since I use my current phone only for checking e-mail, texting, calling and occasionally navigation.  The Blackberry will allow me to easily check my new personal account, will be better for texting because of the physical keyboard and has ok navigation.  I'll probably save up to get a Garmin for my car since it's something I can take to Europe or Asia.

I briefly considered an iPhone, but I already have enough plants in Apple's walled garden.

Step 4: Move blog from Blogger to Wordpress
This step will wait until after my vacation because I don't feel like messing with stuff now.

I don't really have much to hide, but I value what privacy I do have and I don't care to contribute to Google's efforts to own the internet.  Perhaps I should take my tinfoil hat off, but I like to be prepared.

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