Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whole 30: Day 13

Energy level:
I woke up early this morning to dooker out the curry ribs from last night, but have had good energy since.  I did quite a bit of exercising so I'm legitimately tired and did take a short nap this afternoon.  My head feels clear and my thoughts focused.

I don't know if it's the sunshine or what, but I feel great.  I'm less irritable and feel...whole.

I no longer desire crap and I think I'd be able to turn it down without any trouble.  I was talking to my dad yesterday about our family vacation and I do plan to eat things like milkshakes and such, but I'll be able to keep it all in check thanks to this reset.

I wasn't as hungry today, but ate plenty.  I'm still consuming few carbohydrates so I must've switched my body over to mostly fat burning by now.  I still have plenty of fat to shed so we'll see.

The weight loss tapered off a little bit yesterday, but I still feel lean and mean.  I'd like to see the fat pounds drop as rapidly as the full weight, but I suspect the inaccuracy of my scale.  We'll see.  I feel a lot leaner and my gut seems smaller, but I guess I'm paranoid I've lost some muscle.

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